Custom Event goals

I need help to setup the custom events goals.

I try to set up as an event, a form submission on this page:
I try to follow the doc (

First. I added this line in the header as mentioned in the documentation:

Second: I don’t know what to change in the code provided in the doc to fit my form?
And I don’t know where to put this code?

Anyone could provide me with some (step by step) help?

Thank you.

What is your code for the form ??
I do not have my crystal ball at the moment :slight_smile:

I don’t have any code for my form.
I use Elementor and Fluent form.
So it’s why I don’t know what to do with the code provided in the doc ?

Anybody to help me on this topic?
Thank you,

the code provided in the docs is just an example. it is not something you can copy/paste and make work without edits. basically at this stage setting up goals takes a bit of javascript knowledge. and this is the support we cannot provide as the code depends on many things on your site.

we do plan to make goals more easier to setup in the future. our first step towards easier goals was the release of external link click tracking. this doesn’t need any coding. see

Thank you very much for your answer.
I understand your point. Before plausible, I used which helped me to track the events and I could do it without coding (or very little), but it was not privacy focused at all :slight_smile:
I’ll wait for your new goals feature.

Thank you for the outbound link tracking, I’m going to check it!

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