Google Integration > no property to choose


what I’ve done:
1.) I set up my Client ID and Secret
2.) I have setup Google Serach Console long time ago with a few properties.
3.) In the site seeting in plausible I have link my google account.

But in the “Choose property” dropdown no properties are available to choose from.

Where is my mistake?

Kind regards,

i have the same issue and this post is 23days old
and no one gives a shit ?

thanks for your message szuru! this is a community supported forum. self-hosted analytics is community supported too. this means that there’s no official and guaranteed support from the creators of Plausible.

we’re a small team and spend a lot of our resources to provide the self-hosted analytics free of charge but we cannot also provide customer support for it as many things on self-hosted versions depend on your own setup. if there’s a case where we’re aware of the issue/solution we do share it, but otherwise we cannot go and troubleshoot each individual self-hosting case. after all it’s the cloud version that pays the bills and the self-hosted version wouldn’t exist without the people that support us on the cloud, so that’s where the customer support time goes.

if you want nice, easy and convenient, do sign up for our cloud version where everything works out of the box (and we can help you if you do get into any trouble). if you want to manage your own infrastructure do use the self-hosted version but do be prepared to troubleshoot your issues (and if you can please do contribute back to the community here with your solutions).

and please don’t be rude again or i’ll have no other choice than to ban you from posting here again. thanks for your understanding.