Google & Twitter integration when self-hosting

I recently installed Plausible on my own server and I’m loving it so far!

Is there a way to enable the Google and Twitter integrations when self-hosting? I.e. fetching Google queries that led people to my site, and fetching the tweets that link to it?

Sounds great!

It doesn’t work for you or?

Twitter integration is automated while you can follow this Google Search Console integration as documented here:

You can see an example on our live demo:

No, it doesn’t seem to work out of the box when self hosting. For example, when attempting to set up the Google integration you get the following error:

Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch
The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit:${your_client_id}?project=${your_project_number}

When viewing the Twitter Referrer drilldown on the public stats, you see the tweets that linked to the page. This doesn’t happen on my instance. I’m guessing I need to configure a Twitter API key, but this isn’t documented anywhere as far as I can tell.

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One Plausible user has now contributed with instructions on how to enable Search Console on Self-Hosted. Take a look here:

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Amazing; that works great! Thank you!

I’ve applied for a Twitter API key; if I can get the Twitter integration to work I’ll submit a similar PR to the docs.

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that would be great, thank you!

For anyone following along, I opened a PR with docs here:

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I use plausible, but not selfhosted. Is twitter intergation only for self hosted?

it’s for both. click on Twitter in the referral sources list and then click on the “more” button. you can read a bit more about it here:

Thank you.
I don’t see an ref to twitter in my analytics. Do I have to set up something somewhere? I know that I have visits from twitter. In addition, I clicked on my tweet to check if it worked.

Twitter referrals are all automatic. You don’t need to set anything up manually (you can add UTM tags if you prefer to get more insights). When you get the first click from Twitter, it will show up in the referral sources list.

The referral sources are counted only when they start a new session on your site though so if you’ve been on your site and then clicked on your Twitter link after that, you would be an old session so your visit wouldn’t be counted in the referral sources.

Thank you Marko.
In fact, I understood what happened: twitter as a referrer is hidden by another referrers.
For example, quuu is one of my referrer (it’s a platform where I share posts of my website).
Post from my website -> quuu -> shared on twitter then in plausible I have quuu as referrer, and then when I request details, twitter is a “sub-referrer” in quuu.

Is there a way to calculate the number of visitors from twitter (direct and indirect). I took twitter as an example, but I have the same thing with all the social networks.

how does Quuu tag their links?

Should be something like this:

In cases like that, you will still have all your “indirect” Twitter clicks from Quuu listed under Twitter in referral sources list. Same for Facebook and others.

You can read a bit more about how to use UTM tags here:

Thank you. They only use the ref feature.

ah ok with ref only it’s not possible to combine all the clicks. they’ll be separate