How to track the keywords?

Hi, guys. I need your advice. Wish to know, what keywords lead users to my site in case the user came from organic. How to do it?

Hi Lola! Take a look at this guide:

Hi, Marko. Thanks for the advice. Done it just now.
But the info in GSC is not what I am looking for.
What I wish to see, the rote how the users flow from organics, to what url they land, move, and where they jumps out. I need to see deviation by countries, marketing channels - as minimum.
Any hints, how to do it?

If you click on “Google” in your referral sources you can see the entry pages and details on countries etc. You can see how the report looks like on our own live demo here

Thanks, I see there are some opportunities for me. But I did not get, how to add sources as on your demo. Pls, give me some explanation, how to add channels to see these sources.
And it’s great to see the KWs, sampled by goal completion/non completion. And analyze them by location as well. Any hints?

Sources are just where your traffic comes from. You don’t need to manually add anything. As you get visitors to your site, sources list change depending on where those visitors find you.

Oh, thank you. Got it. The answer to my question is: when you need to analyze 1 channel - just click on the appropriate link on this graph:, the source will appear on the top and the KW list -below the diagram.
And I have the next question. How to check this user’s segment behavior?
In particular, how much time they spend on site after coming via this KW, where they go next, just from the intro page and what was the last page they’ve seen? In general, I mean, how to see the conversion flow for the group, joined by the interest to one KW?

it’s not possible to go that granular by keyword at this stage unfortunately.

Hi @marko. It looks like Google Search Console integration cannot be activated on a Trial account.

hi @jana! that should not be the case. we don’t place any restrictions. what happens when you try it? we have a detailed guide here

Thanks, @marko, for letting me know. The option for Google Integration was not there in my settings. So I logged out and logged back in again and voila! The option is there :grinning:

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