Intergation with Microsoft Clarity

I have just discovered the new Microsoft solution called “clarity” to help understand what our visitors do on our website. I installed it on my website and it seems that it does not use any tracking cookies.
It’s a very good complement to Plausible.

Have you heard of it? If yes, it could be very useful if it was possible to connect it to plausible like google search console.


Thanks! There’s this request already to integrate with Bing and get search phrases from visitors from Bing:

Thank you Marko.
Clarity is a microsoft product, but it’s not part of bing master. It’s a new product which provides us with very useful information which complement the ones provided by your plugin. In addition, it’s very coherent with your concept because it does not require any tracking cookies.

(by the way, after a month of trial, I have now a paid subscription of Plausible :slight_smile:

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That’s great to hear! Happy that you find Plausible useful!