Missing Top Sources

Experiencing a problem and not sure if it’s a bug or I’m forgetting something.

I have set up a custom event goal on the order confirmation page of my Woocommerce site, Order Placed.

I’m also tagging links from a Google Ads campaign with ?ref=gads.

Both the custom event goal and manual link tags are getting tracked to some extent. However, I’ve noticed my Top Sources isn’t including everything it should be.

I’ve had 3 conversions. I know for a fact all three of these came from my Google Ads and therefore the URL would have been tagged with ?ref=gads, however my Top Sources is only showing 1 visitor from this source. The other 2 visitors are not being tracked. Not even as Direct / None.

See the screenshots below:


The fact my other 2 conversions aren’t being tracked at all, even as Direct / None, makes me wonder if this could be due to ad-blocking? Although it seems highly unlikely that 2/3 of my customers would have ad-blocking with CNAME uncloaking (I’m using a custom domain), especially if they clicked through a Google Ad which would have been blocked.

Any help figuring this out would be much appreciated!

Thanks for reaching out!

We actually don’t list “direct / none” in the referral sources within the Goals report. Perhaps it makes sense to add “direct / none” to keep the consistency between the main dashboard and the goals report. I’ve made a note and we’ll discuss it.

So looking at the screenshots we have tracked 3 unique conversions while only 1 had a referrer header so only that one is listed in Top Sources. The other two were still tracked as listed in the number of unique conversions it’s just they didn’t have the referrer header.

Off the top of my head: could it be that they might use a plugin that removes the referrers or a browser that does that by default?

Thanks for the prompt response!

You’re right that all three visits are getting tracked, otherwise the custom event goal wouldn’t have been picked up.

Shouldn’t the manual link tagging work regardless of whether they have a referrer header? All 3 conversions came from a Google Ads campaign where I have set up manual link tagging. And forgive the newbie question, but are ref, source and utm_source query parameters all interchangeable? Or do they track differently?

Some browser plugins strip out the referrer header and they strip out any other tracking scripts such as UTM tags too.

There’s no difference between the three tags. You can use them interchangeably and they all track the same way.

We’re in the process of adding full UTM tags support too and it’s the next feature on our roadmap: https://github.com/plausible/analytics/projects/1

Hi, just for curiosity how are you mapped the orders placed? Do you have a static thank you page? Thanks!

yes, we have a static “thank you” page. Or perhaps the question was for @alpha070412 :slight_smile:

Yes, it was, just checking tie someone discovered any workaround :smiley:

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sure, makes sense! :slight_smile:

from my brief research when i looked into this for you earlier, woocommerce may support static pages with dynamic info such as order details etc etc so i would also look a bit into that option.