Plans for More Downloads?

Until now I found only one download button for visitors per day. Are there any plans for more downloadable data in the future?

Personally I would like to export all Goal Conversions.

Downloading a full list of visited pages might also be a useful addition to (Make all the pages visible in the Top Pages list).

Other people might wish to download countries or sources as a complete list.

I hope the core team can give us an outlook or adopt this as a feature request – or several of them.

thanks Thomas! yes, there are plan to allow you to download/export all the data. It’s just difficult to promise any timelines on when it will be completed at this stage. You can follow the progress in this thread:

Thank you Marko! I will follow the issue on github and place a remark there. Any chance of speeding up the Goal Conversions export? In combination with campaign tracking data that might be the most efficient way to feed back success signals to Google advertising campaigns.

we’ll see what we can do. have you tried sharing the dashboard with a private link in the meanwhile? many of our customers enjoy that feature when dealing with clients and others. see

Yep. I have shared links until now. Now I am dealing with a candidate who would like to process our data of website usage by using R. A CSV export would be suitable for this.

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