Plausible behind Traefik 2.x websecure

Hi everyone,

Could someone share a working docker-compose configuration with Traefik 2.x as a reverse proxy ?

I’m having some issue to make it works properly.
I would appreciate some help.

Here’s my compose file for Plausible, provisioned with Ansible (hence templating)

In my experience it works exactly the same as any other web-accessible application through Traefik. Would be interested to know the issues you’ve been facing.

Thanks. I managed to make my own config.
I used loadbalancer instead of “expose”, may you explain the difference please ?

The expose is mostly there to work around a bug in the container where Traefik (my reverse proxy of choice) doesn’t correctly detect the port. Plausible is accessed via a reverse proxy, and is only accessible through that.

In reality, there’s actually a better way I should be doing that rather than relying on the expose option. Updated in commit