Questions from a newcomer :)


I’m new here and have just installed Plausible on my website with a custom domain.
Everything seems to work well.

I have however a few questions:

  • I connected Plausible to Google Search console but I don’t see what 's the added value?
  • In Gtmetrix, I don’t know how to get rid of this: “There is 1 static component without a far-future expiration date.” I use Wprocket and BunnyCDN.
  • Does Plausible track utm?
  • My website is PWA and I have an android app linked to the website. Is it possible to track visitors on the website and on the app?

Thank you.


  1. The added value of search console is that you can see which keywords people find your site with in Google’s search results. It’s useful to know what keywords you rank for, which of your pages rank and what you could optimize for. See how it looks on our own site:

  2. I would ignore that error as Plausible is very lightweight and fast loading so it has very little impact on your page speed compared to other analytics scripts.

  3. Yes, we track UTM tags. You can see them in the Top Sources report (there are tabs for medium, source and campaign). See also:

  4. Plausible is meant for web analytics at this stage. Some people use it on their apps too so it can be done but that depends on specific case/needs. You may try to run it on the app and see what you get but again we’re focused on web analytics. When we complete the web analytics part, we may build out the mobile app support too.

Hope this helps!

Thank you.

  1. I know what is search console but I didn’t see the integration with Plausible. Now that I receive the first stats, I can see the results. It’s very good. Thank you.
    By the way, do you plan to include the bing search console as well?

  2. OK.

  3. The UTM I’m looking for in the stats are the following:
    Are they in the right format to be counted by Plausible?

  4. I don’t know if you know Progressive Web App. In fact, they’re not native apps. They are completely synchronized with the website. But it’s interesting to check if the visitors visit the website from the app or from their browser.

No problem!

  1. It’s been requested so you could follow our progress in this thread:

  2. Seems correct. We support utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign.

  1. I’m aware that people use Plausible to track PWAs as there’s been a request for offline support. Does the “browser” tab in our Devices report show any insights into that?

Thank you for your answer.
4. If I understand your link, people use the “event” feature to track people online or offline? How do I do that?
For your second remark, A PWA uses chrome but but with chrome as hidden".
I just noticed this in the last stats:
I don’t know if “headless chrome” means PWA? or anything else?

No problem.

They track events as normal when users are online. The feature request is that they’d like to queue up these events if they happen offline and send them to us when the user is back online. That’s not possible at this stage.

I don’t think PWA has any different user agent than regular Chrome so they would all be listed as Chrome unfortunately.

Thank you for your answer.
So what’s the difference between “chrome” and “headless chrome” (I didn’t see that in google analytics).

We’re considering to remove all Headless Chrome in the future. There may be some legitimate use cases for it but in majority of cases this is used by bots that don’t identify themselves as bots (there’s a thread here)

Thank you very much.

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After a few days, it seems that my UTMs related to PWA don’t work. Nothing is registered in Source, medium, campaign :frowning:
My UTM are set like that:
I was able to see them in google analytics.
I don’t know what to do to make them work.

hmm could you email us via with details and we’ll take a look? thanks!

Thank you. Email sent.

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thank you! we’ll take a look and get back to you! thanks for your patience!