Self-hosting & https - how to?

in the docs there is following line:

If you want to run on HTTPS you also need to set up a reverse proxy in front of the server. We have instructions and examples of how to do that below.

but there are no such instructions :frowning: how do i set up plausible on my own server with https?

I guess you’ll have to use a reverse-proxy like Traefik.
I am still trying to make it works with my configuration

I usually put my servers behind Cloudflare CDN Proxy which also does https for you.

If you do figure out a docker-compose setup with Traefik or Caddy + Lets Encrypt, I’d love to merge these configurations into our hosting repo.

I do have a working Traefik + Let’s encrypt instance that’s corrently working.
I’ll try it for few hours/days and tell you if it works


Here’s my current working configuration :
Feel free to use it in your doc if this suits your needs.

Thanks for your excellent work on this!

I’ve piggybacked on it and created my own configuration which puts everything together and enables geolocation as well, it’s available here :point_right:

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Very useful thank you. I just updated my repo to support goip too by lightening a bit the configuration files. A single docker-composer is much easier to use than two, especially for people not used to Docker

1 Like @michelegera Thank you both and sorry for the radio silence on my end.

I think this would be a good addition to the official hosting repo and docs but I’m pretty busy with product features at the moment. I can do it sometime later. Meanwhile if either of you have time to create a PR I’d be happy to merge as well.

Sure, no worry.
I’ll do it today :slight_smile:

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Has anyone gotten it working with the bring-your-domain-name option for websites?

Hello everybody, and thanks Plausible for this awesome app!
If you want to install Plausible in your own webserver without any headache, I provided it as a one click app for Caprover.
So, first install Caprover, and then simply search for Plausible!
That’s it. HTTPS works out of the box :grinning:
More info on my blog post: