[SOLVED] Need precisions about the new "Using custom props"

Just need to clarify 2 points:

You write : " The number of custom properties you can add per event is unlimited. As you can see in this example, there are 4 properties available for segmenting: Version, Region, OS, Method ."

1 - Do you mean We can choose whatever property we need, and the nuber is illimited ? For example I can add “type”, “section” as properties ? Right ?

[EDIT] response is YES !!!

2 - Can you give us (javascript illiterates) a syntax example for 2 properties ?

plausible('Download', {props: {method: 'HTTP'}})

[EDIT] : plausible('Download', {props: {method: 'HTTP', section: 'Info' }})

Thanks a lot for what will be a very useful feature.

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