Store events in Postgres?

Hey team,

I’m wondering if (for the self hosted version) we could choose to store the events in PostgreSQL instead of clickhouse? Clickhouse, as you know, is much harder to host.


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@fastflash i’d be interested to know what issues you’re having? I’ve been running Plausible for a couple months now, and haven’t had any issues getting Clickhouse setup.

I did have some issues with Clickhouse being overly intensive, which ended up being issues in Clickhouses default configuration, but nothing too crazy to edit. There’s an issue which has some more information and a link to an article I wrote on how to fix it.

Thanks for the response!

We’re not having any issues yet, but literally our entire stack runs on postgres, and we wanted to cohost the plausible data together with some events we collect from the backend (which already is being inserted to postgres).

Selfhosting for me not one single issue with postgres…every few days clickhouse complains.

Not sure if its upstream changes, as sometimes I have to rerun the migration script as there have been additions, but they always seems to be for clickhouse.