Visit Duration stats

I noticed in your documentation this section:

How long time visitors spend on your site. It only shows people who visit more than one page. For those who visit one page only we default to 0 seconds.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to completely disregard visitors that can’t be counted because they only visited one page rather than hitting your stats with 0 seconds when they could have either quickly bounced, spent several minutes reading the article or anything in between?

I know Google Analytics does the same but it makes the visit duration stat rather useless if you get hit with 0 seconds every time you can’t properly track it. It seems the bounce rate is a better stat to track that and it should be disregarded completely in time on site - or maybe i’m missing something?

Good point Jason! The reason we’ve done it like that is pretty much not to deviate too much from the industry standards and not to confuse people by having much different data. There’s an idea on our GitHub to use Beacon API which would allow us to do things differently and get a more accurate number. We haven’t committed to it yet but may explore it in the future.

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The reason I actually asked was because my visit duration stat on Google Analytics seemed to get hit very hard over night and in the morning would be around 15 seconds and then slowly rise through the day to around a minute. I felt it was bots hammering the site (although I did have the setting on for those to be blocked) and screwing the stat overnight which took all day to recover to slightly more respectable number.

In my first day using Plausible, the over night low visit duration stat didn’t occur and visit duration is over 3 minutes for the day along with the bounce rate being about 5-10% lower. Could this be attributed to Plausible being better at blocking out bot traffic?

That’s weird about your Google Analytics visit duration. It’s really difficult to know why Plausible shows more accurate numbers in that case. Google Analytics is blocked by some browsers and by many browser extensions and adblockers so it is normal to see some differences, especially with the more techy-sites and audiences.