Woocommerce goals

Hi guys

Quick question, Im trying to setup a goal anytime someone buy on my Woocommerce, as the url is dynamic, something like : https://www.XXXX.com/checkout/order-received/wc-XXXX, it seems its not working for me as I defined the goal using https://www.XXXXX./checkout/order-received/, is there any wildcard I can use to setup these goals?


Hi Ivan,

Not at this moment unfortunately. There’s a request to do that and we plan to build it but cannot promise any timeline at this time. You could follow this thread to get updates on our progress.

Oh, it’s a shame I was pretty convinced of using plausible, and just thinking would
Not be possible to use the Goal event functionality to put some code in the thanks I you page where the user has not do anything?

I achieve a similar purpose by adding a custom goal on the main click event.
May be you can do this on the “purchase” button ??

That can be a workaround, but when you are using payment gateways you can no be sure of the purchase till the user go back to the thank you page

We use a payment gateway on plausible.io and then we redirect users to a static thank you page after completion so we can track the number of signups.

Perhaps there’s a way to create a static thank you page in Woocommerce too? I found this guide which includes some custom code to do it or some plugin solutions too https://usersinsights.com/woocommerce-thank-you-page/

Do let me know if you try it please (I can create a guide in our Documentation in case it works so others with the same issue know too). This could be a solution until we build the wildcard into Plausible.

Hi , thank you for the answer, but I use the thank you page to resume information and for other sales purposes, so I don’t like the idea of static page. Do you know if there is any possibility to use the javascript event in order to capture the goal without human intervention? Maybe some JS I can run on this page on a transparent way.

That’s unfortunately not possible at this time.